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What if God had a Facebook Page?

Today I am going to compare our spiritual and mental anatomy to our mobile device that we use to access Facebook. I will also be using Facebook pages and our self in the comparison.

Below I will describe each part of our being, according to scripture from the Holy Bible. The Scripture I use will be revealed in part II of this series.

The Holy Spirit is our Life Source

We will liken the manufacturer of our mobile device as it's life source. And we will use the manufacturer's Facebook page as a means to communicate with the manufacturer.

The Holy Spirit, is God Himself, our Manufacturer, the Breather of the breath of life, and our Life Source! In terms of our example here, we would go to God's Facebook page to communicate with Him.

This is where we would go to build a relationship with Him, get guidance, commune with Him, pray to Him, praise Him, and give Him all the Glory in our life.

But first, in order to be God's friend on Facebook, we would have to accept His invitation, and we do this by accepting His Son, Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

Our spirit is our life force

In order to get to the Facebook page of the manufacturer of our mobile device, we would first have to have an internet connection. In this example we will refer to our internet connection as our mobile device's life force.

Our spirit is our life force, God's Breath, also know as the breath of life, and it's also our connection to the spiritual world.

In this example we need to be very careful how we use this connection...because both our earthly life and Everlasting Life depend on it.

As for me and my house, we will connect with God's Spirit...and His only!!!

Our Facebook page exposes our heart

The heart is often referred to as our mind, or sometime's our emotion's. While these two thing's have a huge role in programming our heart, I think we can be a little more specific.

The heart contains our core beliefs and values. These are the things that are important and mean the most to us. So in this example we will refer to our heart as our Facebook page on our mobile device.

If we don't believe or value something, it will never make it to our heart.

Out of these beliefs and values our heart forms an image of who we and others think we are. This image is usually referred to as our self-image and will dictate how we do everything in life. And will attract to us people with similar value's and belief's in their heart.

Your heart doesn't know the difference between a false belief or the only works off what you have accepted as true. Nor does it know the difference between a good value or a bad one, it just accepts what you value. Just like your Facebook page.

You can usually tell those that have a similar heart as yours, by the like's, comments, and friend's you have on Facebook. The same applies in our physical world, as well.

Even so, just because something is in our heart and other's share the same or similar value's or belief's with us, it doesn't mean our beliefs are true or our values are good, no matter how many "likes" we get!!!

So be careful what you allow in your heart. For out of it are the issues of life!!!

"Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life." Proverbs 4:23 (KJV)

My advice for everyone is, to fill your heart with the Truth, God's Word.

The Truth is the way things really are, not the way our little finite minds think they are. For example, if you visited heaven and found out the way things really worked and then returned to earth, do you think you would ever want to use your old perception again? No you would use the Truth, and it would make you free.

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

John 8:32 (KJV)

The good news is, we don't have to visit heaven to find out the Truth. We can just visit God's Facebook Page (The Holy Spirit) and read His best selling book, The Holy Bible!!!

Our soul is the operator

In this example our soul would be us, the operator of the mobile device and owner of our Facebook page.

Our Soul is quite simply the combination of our mind, will, and emotion's. Below I will breakdown the functions of each of them.

Will- Our decision maker. This is the captain of our ship, who decides what we will think about, talk about, and focus all our attention and time on. This is the part of us that decides what pages we will visit on Facebook...the button pusher of our mobile device.

Unfortunately, the captain is usually asleep at the wheel. We are just living on cruise control, our memory is doing all the steering of the ship. If we are asleep at the wheel, and not living intentionally, we are not much different than a robot. And will usually windup shipwrecked on the rocks.

What's the answer? WAKE UP!!!

In this example, we would intentionally choose what Facebook pages we visit each day, not in the order Facebook decides for us, based on our current habits.

In my everyday life...

First, I would visit God each morning for guidance, fellowship, prayer, communion, praise, etc.

Second, I would surrender my will to His Will. Every Day!!!

Third, I would follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Allowing Him to guide me throughout each day, according to His priorities and values, instead of what I think is important or valuable.

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.

For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Isaiah 55:8-9 (KJV)

Yes, I would turn the wheel (will) over to God...and I would just enjoy the ride, Wide longer letting my memory of yesterday, or my finite thoughts and ways, guide my day!!!

Mind- Our mind is created from our thoughts. Whatever we are thinking about at any given moment creates a new mind, or is relying on a old mind we created in the past. Also known as a memory or mind-set.

Here in the physical world our minds are produced through our brain, so we can leave a biological history of our thoughts. Our most dominate thoughts can then be passed down for generations through our DNA.

Our memory allows us to use over and over, certain minds that we created in the past, assuming our brain is healthy.

This is advantageous when we use it in the right way, by remembering peoples faces and names, remembering useful information and knowledge, and being able to recollect important events and occasions from our past.

As I mentioned before, the problem comes, when we start to live each day from old mind sets, also known as habits.

When we began to rely on our habits to build our character and determine our destiny, versus intentionally building our character and creating our destiny, one moment at a time. We stop living and become little more than robots.

The mind is meant to be our servant, but all too often, it ends up being our master!!!

What's the solution to this???

Refer to the section on "the will" in this post, and you will be reminded of the solution.

Emotions- Our emotion's are a little simpler, and we will just compare these to our reaction of what we see on our mobile device, if we see something positive our emotions react by making us feel happy.

The same applies to our thoughts, our emotions will just react to whatever thoughts enters our consciousness at any given moment. Peaceful thoughts will produce peaceful emotions, fearful thoughts will produce fearful emotions, and so on.

If we go back to the example of allowing God's Will to replace our will, we will never have to, as they say "think positive" again. Because our thoughts and ways are exchanged for God's thoughts and ways.

Producing within us peace, joy, love, etc, etc. And our emotions will just naturally react to them, peacefully, joyfully, and loving, etc, etc!!!

Body- We can liken the part of our mobile device we see with the naked eye, both on the exterior and the interior, as it's body.

As for us, this is the part of us that is made from dust, and will return to dust. Our physical body is the part of us that interacts with our physical world through our five senses.

If we are not careful, just like our mind, the body can also run our life. Every time a new connection is made in our brain, chemicals are released into our body, that make us feel a certain way.

It is very easy to get addicted to these feelings, and this can create addictive behavior. In other words, a certain behavior creates a certain high, that our body wants to feel again, and again.

Most of the time these behaviors are destructive. But even if they are constructive, we can't let our bodies run the show. We would basically be living at the same level as animals and reptiles, if we did.

Unfortunately this is a problem that is all too common, and is a subject for another time. I will devote an entire series to this in future writings, if the Good Lord Wills. But for now...

This wraps up Part I of this series...

In "What if God had a Facebook page? Part II" I will share how I came to the knowledge of our spiritual anatomy, by using scripture from the Holy Bible.




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