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Saved by the Light: The One True Light

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

A while back I was watching a television show about a couple of men trying to survive in the wilderness. They were first dropped off in a remote location in a part of the world that was foreign to them. They then had to find their way back to civilization within a predetermined amount of time. They had very few supplies, so they were forced to make the most out of every resource they could find.

On this episode the two survivalists had found a mirror, and were hoping to use it to signal for help whenever the opportunity arose. They would simply use it to capture someone’s attention, by reflecting sunlight in the direction of those they were signaling.

They knew that the reflection could be seen from many miles away on land, and could easily be spotted from air. So, they climbed to higher ground and found a clear opening with very few trees around. This would make it easier to be spotted, if or when they caught the attention of their potential rescuers.

And guess what, it worked!

Towards the end of the show a stray plane came flying overhead within close enough range to see the reflection of sunlight from their mirror. The pilot then signaled to the survivors with a wave of his wings, letting them know they had been spotted.

Next, the pilot radioed for a helicopter to come pick up the survivors. Shortly thereafter, a helicopter landed close by, picked them up, and flew them to safety. So, I guess you could say that these two survivors were saved by the sun that day!

And as usual, this got me to thinking...

First, I wondered, what if it had been a cloudy day with no sunlight to reflect on that day? This answer came fast and easy. The survivors would have most likely never been saved that day! My next question was one I ask myself in every situation. How does this relate to our spiritual life?

Here is what I learned...

The Lord showed me that day that the sun stood for the light that these two men needed to be saved. While in our spiritual life, God is the "Light" we need to be Saved! If clouds had been blocking the Sun that day, these two men may have never been rescued. In a similar way, if the clouds of sin are blocking us from God, we will never be saved from eternal darkness!

Fortunately, there were no clouds the day these two men needed saving by the sun. But unfortunately for us, we were born under the dark clouds of sin. And they are completely blocking us from the "Light" of our Heavenly Father!

This is a condition we inherited from the first two humans, Adam and Eve, after they were deceived in the Garden of Eden by Satan. Causing them to commit the Original Sin of humanity. Meaning, everyone born from that day forward would be born under the dark clouds of sin. Yes, all of us!

But as always, God had everything under control. And here is what He did about it.

He sent His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ to Earth in the form of a human to clear away the Clouds of Sin over humanity, forever. Jesus did so, by shedding His precious Blood, while dying from crucifixion upon a Cross. And being that He was the only Perfect Human to ever live, this made Him the only candidate who could save humanity.

And He did!

Now, everyone who believes Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and accepts Him as their Lord and Savior, will be Saved! Meaning, we will receive God’s Holy Spirit into the new cloud free sky of our own spirit. Allowing God to light our path with love and truth for all eternity!

And while these two survivors will always be able to say they were saved by the sun that day. We can say something infinitely better. We were Saved by the Son!

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life."

John 3:16 (KJV)

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